Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pre-Approval, Finding a Realtor, Wants vs. Needs

The pre-approval process, finding a realtor, and knowing what you want vs. what you need are all subjects we tackle on Day 3 of The Path to Owning Your First Home!

Before you start searching online, visiting Open Houses or searching for the perfect Realtor--Get pre-approved!  Go to your local bank or visit Cindy at HomeServices Lending at 600 N Hurstborne Pkwy to find out what you qualify for.  Not only will this save you from falling in love with a house you can't afford, you may also realize that you can afford more than you thought which gives you even more options while searching for your perfect home.  It will also speed up the process when it comes time to write an offer!

After you've been pre-approved, find a Realtor.  (cough, Ashley Deskins, cough) The best part of hiring a Buyers Agent is that our services are completely free to the buyer.  You pay nothing out of pocket--the seller pays our commission at closing :)

Next you'll need to know what you want, what you actually need and know there is a difference between the two.  You may *want* granite probably don't *need* granite countertops ;)  Once you figure this out this is where the fun really begins!

Stay tuned for Day 4!

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