Thursday, February 7, 2013

Find Your Dream Home and Make an Offer

Finally! My favorite part of working with Buyers is taking them out and showing houses.  Actually...that is my second favorite part. My most favorite part is when they get the keys at the closing table!  Buying a house is the single largest purchase anyone makes in their life so it is a big deal.  You can't just settle--you have to fall in love.

After you find "the one" you will meet with your agent to write the offer.  Be prepared to sign a million different pieces of paper.  At this time, the agent will go over sold comps in the area and together you'll determine how much you would like to offer.  Your agent will then call the listing agent to tell them they are sending over an offer on that particular property.  That agent will present that offer to their sellers and the sellers will either accept that offer and you have a house or counter offer.  Some back and forth is usually to be expected and we will go into more detail of the offer process soon.

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